• The Sound Squad Audio Engineering

    When it comes to clairity with audio it can get quite expensive to create.How would you feel about achieving the same sonic punch the pros achieve without breaking budget?
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  • Soaring High In Music

    Music in all places from Power Point™ projects, to recording artists. There are over 80 active projects and placements at all times. Our audio speaks for itself... loudly!
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  • Internal Music The Inner Circle

    Teaming up with various audio specialists for an overall sound.Also writers, performers in music and media.
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  • Distribution Ready

    Capable of creating and formatting for a wide variety of projects including streaming but also for physical pressings if the need arises.
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An audio company helping create, record, mix and edit your audio.

Servicing most music artists by providing audio instrumentals, and helping business add audio media to their presentations and marketing.

Latest Featured Works

A few of the latest audio project work being developed by the ULOV Entertainment team.

For more information on our services please contact us here.

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About ULOV Entertainment

Professional audio refinement.

We are considered by many artists in the DMV area as their refinement tool. Once your work is reviewed we take your existing audio, tracks or stems and enhance them through a series of methods that make your sound big.

Looking for radio-ready quality out of your tracks? We help you make them dynamic with clarity and depth that will impress fans and record execs alike. Making your project sound professional so it can be successful whether you are shopping, streaming or pressing it.

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Each Project Different

Defining what you need.

We believe in being professional all the way with our services but within that scope we also prefer to be honest about what you really need for your project to be elevated as high as it can be.

In some cases, depending on what you have to start with we might tell you that certain elements need to be re-created to assure you have the best sound for your final product.

During our audio assessment of your project we will bring attention to this and if necessary create the elements needed. All of this at prices you can afford, prices quoted are the bottom line - no hidden costs.

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Editing & Mixing

Cleaning and/or Creating.

Once we identify what you need for your project we inform you of your options to assure you that we have reviewed your project thoroughly and then we begin work.

With 20+ years in audio production and mixing as our backbone we are confident that we can create a strong foundation for your sound.

Your project may need only small tweaks or it may need our production additions. Either way, we make sure to return a product that will be high-end audio.

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Watch your project grow.

We check in with you during each phase of the project to assure you that we are taking care of all he details. This allows you peace of mind that your project is in good hands.

With the approval of the final comp we then get your project ready by exporting it in the final format requested. This includes radio-ready bit-rates, MP3/4 for streaming and 44kHz for pressing.

Taking care of you project and all the details providing you with the best solutions to make your project impressive through any system.

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Our Core

  • Creating +

    Custom composing audio for your project. From a musical composition to simple sound effects. Read More
  • Editing +

    Taking what you have and molding it to it's maximum sonic potential is what Read More
  • Combining +

    Mixing all the ingredients like a well-refined recipe passed down through your family for Read More
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