Genre Instrumental hip hop
City Sterling
Country United States
Years active 26
Website http://www.ulov.com

CT is a multi-talented music producer but also an accomplished composer, writer and audio engineer with over 20 years in music. Having worked for Capitol Records in the infamous Capitol Studios and Arista Records as a young teen his origin in music started with an insiders look at the music. Though his roots in music began as a DJ for lack of funds to buy equipment to record with in the beginning he continued learning audio engineering and working in over 39 studios over the years. While serving his country in the Gulf War he penned over 86 songs and subsequently started "shopping" them to get a foot hold in music. His desire to create music has always been a part of his drive and now continues to push out over 42 genre of music to the world. 

His projects consist of primarily instrumentals as of late for music artists and businesses alike. Creating custom tracks for them to be inspired by or made into a workable piece of media that he then molds and shapes into sonic blankets of warmth. Check out some of his features that have been paired with video and graphic elements by the ULOV Interactive team. 

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