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Our Core


If you find yourself in a position that leaves you with audio media that is just not quite right, we are capable of helping you correct the problem. We can digitally manipulate the audio, editing the preexisting sound (not always precise depending on the source audio we receive), or we can attempt to replicate the sound more to your liking. 


Editing audio that you have on your project does not necessairly mean to change the sound but to alter it's audio profile, whether that means that you need us to turn down the volume or you need us to tweek the EQ so it blends together better with other pre-existing sounds. Editing is a way to smooth out the rough edges.

Music Artists

Do you keep hearing something in your mix that is muddy or is something not as sharp as you’d like it to be? We have audio expertise in editing audio tracks so that the sound is clear of any distortion, unless you want it!

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